How We Got Here

Aspendale Farm is located on the rolling hills of the Palouse in the panhandle of Idaho. We raise Romney and Romney cross sheep, have a wide variety of fruit trees including a hard cider orchard and grow garlic, vegetables and plant starts that we sell on site. Our chickens have free range of the farm and do a tremendous job at bug patrol as well as provide an abundance of tasty eggs.

Along with our farm products are felted items made from the wool from our sheep. Romneys are a long wool sheep that come in colors ranging from white, through a variety of shades of grey, to a near black. I have always loved fiber and fabrics. Raising sheep have provided the opportunity to have the entire process right here on the farm. From sheep to shearing, washing, carding, laying out the designs and finally felting them into the range of products here. All individual pieces of art.

I enjoy working with the natural colors the sheep give me, but I also dye some of the fleeces as well to enlarge the palette of colors available.

Feel free to browse around. I am also open to special orders. If you have something in mind or have any questions or comments please let me know.


5308 Lenville Rd
Moscow, Idaho 83843

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